Buying A Used Car

Things to do before buying a used car:


Post Time: 2016-07-28 04:20:05

1> Inspect the car 2> Take a test drive 3> Get the car engine checked by a mechanic whom you trust upon, and also check if the car has met been with any accident before. Check if all the electronic parts are working properly or not. 4> Check all the documents of the car; i.e. RC book and Insurance copy. 5> Check the service history of the car on the user’s manual book. 6> Before agreeing with the sellers price check the market value of the car and then give your offer. 7> Check with the owner about the maintenance of the car, how often he services his car, etc. 8> Check if there is any Police case or complaint on the car. 9> Check if the insurance has been claimed for any damages to the car. 10> Buy the car at a fare market valve.

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