What are the advantages of tubeless tyres over normal tyres?


Post Time: 2016-07-28 00:18:49

The normal tyre comes with tube which is placed between the wheel rim and the tyre. This tube is filled with air. So, the inflated tubes help the tyres to be in shape and hold the weight of the vehicle. This type of tyre has been used till date for almost all types of vehicles. But, due to some drawbacks, the tubeless tyre is replacing the normal ones and gaining popularity among drivers. Advantages of Tubeless Tyres: a.Tubeless tyres when gets punctured, the air leakage is much slower and it leaks only through the hole, therefore driver gets enough time to control the vehicle and normally can reach to a safe point by the time it gets complete flat. In case of normal tyres, the tube burst like a balloon and it causes rapid deflation and the chances of driver losing control of the vehicle and causing accident is very high. b.Since these tyres do not have a tube inside, you won’t face any difficulties changing tubes and removing puncture is an easy job as compared to tube-tyres. Nowadays you can avail from market, do-it-yourself kits for removing punctures on a tubeless tyre. c.Other important advantages of these tyres are that they weighs less, thus the chances of wheels getting unbalanced is lesser.

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